About us

Letbe - LET YOUR SKIN BE Just Like That
LETBE - a skincare brand founded in Hong Kong

LETBE, a skincare brand founded in Hong Kong, specialises in products enhanced with the finest botanical ingredients from France; aiming to care for and nourish your skin with the highest adherence to the EU Cosmetics Regulation standard.

The idea of LETBE hatched us along the way of our curiosity and deepening knowledge and practice about taking care of our skin is the golden rule ahead of putting on makeup. In 2021, we founded LETBE as an avenue to share our passion for skin nurturing. 

The name “LETBE” flashes our love for simple and effective ingredients as well as our commitment to openness and transparency. We are proud to create products that are 100% made in Hong Kong and meticulously in small batches to comply with different needs of yours.

The entire LETBE team invites you to embark on your journey to flawless skin today - pamper yourself with our wellspring of products to achieve powered health, beauty, and wellness.

Our packaging is also friendly for Mother Earth.

Sophia & Wing
The Founders of LETBE